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Car > NEW 2011 - Rear Windshield Stabilizing Kit     (Installation Guide)
Car>  Front Crash Bar- Nerf Bar     (Installation Guide)
Car>  Battery Box and Relocate Kit

Car>  Front & Rear Sway Bar Kits     (Installation Guide- front)   (Installation Tips-rear)
Car>  Weight Box
Car>  Porsche Master Cylinder
Driver > Helmet Dryer
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Front and Rear Grill Screens
Porsche 997 Cup Cars

NEW - 2010 front grill screens

2010 Grill Screens

When I saw the grill screens that came stock on the 997 cup car I knew it was a must to make something better, made with 3/16 stainless steel frame with 3/8 stainless welded screen.  They will withstand almost anything the race track can throw at it. They are powder coated gloss black (or custom color) and come with mounting hardware.


 2009 and earlier front grill screens

front grill screens 2009Front grill screen 2009 2

Rear Exit Screens

I also saw a need for air exit screens on the 997 cup car. The air exits right in front of the front tire the large vent hole leaves the radiator unprotected against rubber and debris. A must for endurance racing. Made with 3/16 stainless steel frame 1/2 inch welded stainless screen.

Rear exit screenRear exit screen 2Rear exit screen 3



Car> Radiator Blow Out Kit

Porsche 997 Radiator Blow Out Kit
I made these to fit the center radiator of a Porsche 997 after one rainy Daytona 24 Hours race. All the Porsche radiators that year filled with sand that the rain washed on the track. We spent so much time in the pits blowing air through the back of the radiators trying to get just some of the sand out. It cost us the race. With this bar and the port for air in the trunk, it would have made all the difference. I like to use the same air fitting as the air wand. I hope you never need it. But if you need to get sand, dirt or grass out of the radiator in a race, you will be glad you have it.

Kit Contents:
1 Air dispersion bar
3 Adell clamps
4 5mm nuts, bolts and washers
1 3' -6 hose
2 -6 90 degree fittings
1 1/4 to -6 fittings
1 Air fitting bracket
1 Mounting tab
3 6mm nuts, bolts and washers
1 Air wand fitting (optional) as shown.
Radiator blow out kit contents

This is a picture of the kit installed.      Radiator blow out kit installed



Car > Rear Windshield Stabilizing Kit

NEW 2011 - This kit will fit any 2000 and up Porsche 996 or 997 race car with a Lexan rear window.  It is not necessary to remove the window to install these parts.

Rear window kitExteriorRear window kit interiorInterior

Kit contents:

Window kit contents


Porsche Front Crash Bar (Nerf Bar)

A nerf bar is a tubular device fitted to the racecar. A "nerf" is a small, sometimes intentional, collision between two cars in which one driver bumps the other to facilitate a successful pass.

This is a very heavy duty front nerf bar that I like to run at races like the 24 Hours at Daytona.  I like to give the radiators as much protection as possible.  It only takes the smallest of hits on that front nose to take you out of a race!

Front crash bar  Front crash bar right

Front crash bar damage

Example of custom protective bumper and tow hooks.


Car>  Battery Boxes and Relocate Kits

I find it a good thing to get rid of that heavy battery and replace it with a lighter and better racing battery.  I sell a lot of these that are for relocating the battery in a Porsche but it can be used in most cars.  The battery box comes with high quality cables and an auxillary jump plug (a must for race cars).  I can also custom make any size you need or color. Battery not included.

Battery relocate kitBattery box installed

Car> Front Sway Bar Kit


Front sway bar kit A Front sway bar kit B

Rear sway bar kit also available.

Car>  Weight Box

I make weight boxes for customers with GS cars that need weight added in the passenger seat location.  These boxes hold lead discs that range from 6-22 pounds.  It comes with bolt on lids that are tech approved.  I can custom make a box that fits your needs.

Weight box Weight box 2

Car>  Porsche Master Cylinder

This is a duel master cylinder modification I made for the 997 cup cars to gain more stable and consistent braking.  We could see through the brake sensor data that there was much to be gained with a better master cylinder bracket with a lot less flex.  This really does work.

Master cylinder

Driver > Helmet Dryers

As a crew chief of a professional race team I have to deal with all aspects of the car and crew as well as driver requests in and out of the car. My helmet dryers are a result of this.

I can understand these guys not wanting to put on wet sweaty helmets especially in races like LeMans and Daytona 24 Hours. Once you have you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one of these dryers. After practice or qualifying set your helmet on the dryer for 10 or 15 minutes and it’s nice and dry for the next session.

The dryer holds two helmets, comes with a heavy-duty two speed blower motor and is easy to store.

Dimensions: 24x16x14

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Driver > Cooling System Accessories

Personal hydration system provides drivers with onboard drink bottles for instant fluid replacement. Order multiple bottles for each of your drivers to fill with their own favorite drink or electrolyte replacement.

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