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Nitrogen Bottle Cages - Upright and Horizontal/lay-down

Nitrogen Bottle Clamp

Nitrogen Bottle Trolley - Two-bottle trolley

Upright nitrogen bottle cage - NEW DESIGN

These safety cages are designed for the bottle to stand upright with adequate clearance around regulator and bottle so that the cage can be strapped firmly to a fixed object. They come in A and B versions so that two to four cages can be attached together.

Nitrogen bottle cage new

Nitrogen bottle cage - Horizonal design

This safety cage is great for pit wall setups. It is a solid built cage that lays the bottle down and provides a place to stand, sit or set a tire on. Top is covered in diamond plate aluminum.

Nitrogen Bottle Clamp

This is a nitrogen bottle clamp that I make that can bolt to most anything from a fuel rig stand to a trailer wall.  It's very handy and easy to install.

Nitro bottle clampNitro bottle clamp 2 

Nitrogen Bottle Trolley

Every race car needs a wheel gun and air wand, this trolley holds two nitrogen bottles. Made with pneumatic tires and locking casters you can roll it out of the shop and into the truck with built in D-rings making it easy to tie down.

Roll the trolley in the garage or under the canopy with removable hose hooks.


Regulator cages sold separately

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